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Whew..! -QUITE a few more days *weeksKoff* spent in rest/recovery than I was expecting!

So for those whom knew/attended/didn't know, [FurDU] took place over the course of 4-6th of May, and was............ INCREDIBLE!
Always is ^_^ every year, without fail~ 

THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH to the ENTIRE FURDU CREW for hosting such a fantastic event every year ^_______^ thoroughly enjoyed and I know for certain it's not just myself, but hundreds of other whom also appreciate the work y'all do!

Foxy Malone, Dalfox, Ristin, Night, Taubu, Foxdale, Nikita, Ace Fawx, Ashen, Bentley, Daimin, Flicker and, of course, all past Staff members that have gotten the event this far flung into present day also.. Y'ALL ARE AMAZING AND NEVER FORGOT IT!! ^__________^ 

So many amazing suits out this year! (didn't get around to napping them all sadly!)
Please feel free to tag yourselves in any all snaps should you want to!! <3 (Only tag other friends in pics if you know they are ok with that also!) ^.*

*Should be able to hit download to get high-res versions!
If you suit features in this gallery, fair chance I might have excess snaps of similar images (was only wanting to uploaded the best lit/centred snaps) PM that account, or Note here on FA for the rest of those if you want 'em! ❤ ^_^

We have a habit of truckin' it up further North to see Kraddie Bae family and other cool holiday'ing stuff in the Buderim area! after the event has finished up ^_^

..And to catch goings on/snaps n tid bits whilst @ events/day-to-day etc, typically post those more frequently on the FaceBook and Twitteraccounts |B

2 Other major things to focus on next step;

-Working off the mega-queue of orders presently looming in the inbox! *Queue as booked/Paid-off stands Up-to-Date in the Journal Footer below!

-HOPEFULLY in before HCFC, though being realistic, it's going to be a stretch to get as much in as I can, but likely not all present orders will be completed before that time. (As thats the next major event I'll be attending and Trading at! ❤ )

Heart Border [Rainbow] by RevPixy  Heart Border [Rainbow] by RevPixy

Appreciate my Work? Can now small-tip via the delicious soul-warming powers of a Coffee over @ too! :meow:

[sweetART] Forum by Gasara And Other recent junkette~
-Don't even know how my shoulder n back muscles have gotten so stiff n sore from literally SLEEPING and doing 'not a whole lot' \XS
-LASER HIGHWAY WAS AMAZING!! THANKS SO MUCH Darky/Quad for a great set! (BEST on the night, EASY n HANDS DOWN!!)
-*kriks neck.. now. ONTO the MOUNTAIN of things to draw~! \('S

External junkets, con-trading, etc~!
:iconkraden: .:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu:iconcarnival: .:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu:iconmeltoria:
Beautiful pixel avatars by the awesome P-Aei & Hardrockangel!

Conventions Attend/Trading @ in 2018!
:bulletred: Confurgence, Melbourne; February 23-25th, 2018 
:bulletorange: FurDU, Surfers Paradise; May 4-6th, 2018

:bulletyellow: HCFC, Sydney; 27-29 July, 2018
:bulletgreen: ★GoH @ WAFF, Perth; 7-9 September, 2018 (ahhhhh! ❤)
:bulletblue: AliCon, Adelaide; 22-23 September, 2018

Facebook Social Icon by Gasara Facebook Illustration Page for WIPs and other more frequent tid-bits!
Free 227-pack of downloadable Textures!
Very First online Gallery over @ Side7

The wonderful peeps in tha weld~!
Qwaychou, VNeon, FlameLoneWolf, HickatheDragon, Darkwolfca, citytoon, fangtheimpaler, Danna107, avea-and-fez, LOCKN117, FitzFist, fexus, NickWilde157, kadmiel-Dyne, Lukatero, WEREW0LFER, JubeiTheFox1942, stokerbramwell, Maerbin26, jackthepaperboy, mysticmagic1991, TargetWolf, microkirby, Jasothezombislayer, Temiree, SmokingPencils, ldieidbdi, johnathon-matthews, SandspurDragonJunkie, NoxArtWild, Caio0REC, KittyNinee, R3D-INK, DL2288, Chiiovanni, detergentt, chibiartztrash, PEPPERTODE, jalcraremon, CuddleMeGucci, SadoAlice, D3M0NHUNT3R117, Tiloe, RedchetGreen, shrimposaurus, XxlunadarkxX, AlienChan888, Naviform, Sporksaregreat, KidUltra, KevlarKatana, KingSillySmilez, Choco-Floof, OrchidCrystal, bibleofsatanism, tenfourtysix, Shirokuma24, Ion80, Otterity, RNK50, Ninjyyfox, Kigme39, Heart-of-a-Artist, jasonzombi115, megatanklord, Leethebean, appleleavesandtomato, psychosocial373, LunLunFox, douglas5005, Pophler2342, FutureGrave, CJdegier, simoloita, Tezca21, CrazedFloof, Poison-Anthem, PEPPERMAN792, TheFlexibleDragon, TheFunnyTricicle, Dragonatbirth, daremonsterr, missakarui, therabbitsinvention5, B-I-R-B, AlexVoLT1, XenoTheNeko, varthos009, Xochiti, SassyGhost, gytanmarvel1, xxXLariChanXxx, ragchaser, marcuscenturian, Lilli146, driftershy1999, masstransitkrow, SmokiSmokomi, dragongirl814, SheJingBing, Garnett0, Snowfall711, GalaxyFox711, zoroarkZ9, Katja-Pegasus, gwprime, SnekKnack, LaChanclaMagica, Foxy-J, Saraeustace91, youtopkill, HyperNaturalFox, FancyBark, tigerswordman, Kyon19, tractareSolidum, wannnya, R101D, BeutyfullyJANE, StarryNightPastelDay, monterrang, trandinhtu, kirilldragon, Cybers0, errorpancake, Fuego-fantasmal, GrandMasterFaust18, Jimminy-Crocket, xXWolvesFier3Xx, yepimaperson, IAmTheBagOfChips, ChocoNtakako, NathanMoon, TheBMeister, atomicno11, BluBubblez, kirstyMC, MaudFS, JohnTheR, Annowre, sianic, SternNightGuard, TygerStryke, cnlizhe, Radargonian13

Thanx for the Watches peeps~! 8D you guy are super neat/sweet/KOOL! AND HAVE THIS SUSHI. :sushi: :sushi: :sushi:

ARTwork off the POST BOOOOW!

ARTwork Commissioning opened @ present!

Pencil and paper by Angi-ShyCheck this link for rough price-guides here!
..And any/or other idea/budget that falls outside of the offer above, please feel free to drop me a note! n__n/

Current Work Load Queue!
Waff Stuff~!
Kieth Ref Sheet; COMPLETE
Atavar Headshot; COMPLETE
Banner Pic; COMPLETE
Tee Design; Sketched >> Inked >> Colouring 98%
Sponsor Poster; Sketched >> Inked >> Colouring 0%

benthekitty Cintique GLORY! Comic; *Drafting still .. like a scrub~ \|S
fuzzydt *re-Drafting
Akeashar Digital Paint Comic-splash; Sketching 15%
TheSaberFox 2x Single character Digipaints; Sketching %
mechaman Digital Water Colour; *re-Drafting
+Single Character; *Drafting
glamourfan Scrap Ref sheeting; Sketching 0%
velocis Single Character Digital Paint; Sketched >> Inking 10%
happydalek 3 character DINOBATTERUUU fight scene; Sketching 50%
+2 Character TEAM SEASLUG illustration; *Drafting
ponacho Candy Gore; Sketched >> Inked >> Colouring %
+Deluxe Badge; *Drafting
littledarkneco 2x Waist-Up Colours; *Drafting
+Waist Up Sketch; 0%
+2x Comic shorts; *Drafting
kraden Single Character Pin-Up; Sketched >> Inked >> Colouring 20%
sparkycando Business Card design; Sketching 0%
<My Own Business Card refut too!>
jdmj90 Outfit Drafting; *Drafting
phantomshotgun 3x 'Fusion' Character Pix! *Drafting 85%
Leah Single Character Wing'It; *Drafting
lord-kiyo Refine Draft n Ink Job; 0%
foxtailedcritter Scribbles; *Drafting
edge Scribbles; *Drafting
dracion Scribbles; *Drafting
panzerthedragon Half Character Ink *Drafting
noggy1997 RPG Badge *Drafting

FurDU(+post FurDU) Orders/Workload

blazewing117 Traditional Bust; *Gaining details!
moonlighttrance Digital Full Body; *Drafting
able01 WC Special *Drafting
Tato Bust Badge; *Gaining details!
reefur Scribbles; *Drafting
loyboys215 RPG Badge; *Gaining details!
xxchromedgiantsxx Full Character, digital; *Drafting
Luca Reynard 'Sexy Ibis' Full Character Sketch; *Drafting
talinart Digital Waist-Up *Drafting
April; Bust Badge *Gaining details!
Elizabeth 2x RPG Badges; *Gaining details!
Karla Bust Ink; *Gaining details!
Fang Helsing Bust Badge; *Gaining details!
+Half Character Ink; *Gaining details!
Casey Holy Colour Bust; *Gaining details!
Kase Bust Badge; *Gaining details!
Tumbra *Gaining details!
ancera Single Character, BG Heavy(?) *Gaining details!
joeyjoejoe Scribbles; *Drafting
Maddy Bust Badge; *Gaining details!
william727 Digital Half Character Ink; *Drafting
Heather Full Character Ink; *Drafting
Jimmie 2x Traditional Character Busts; *Gaining details!
shark7 RPG Badge; *Drafting
+ 'Passion' Bust Piece; *Drafting
Garette RPG Badge; *Gaining details!
Tayla Bust Sketch; *Gaining details!
patpahootie Deluxe Badge; *Gaining details!
shamankingkoth Digital Colour Pin-Up; *Drafting
+2 Character Waist-Up peice *Drafting
+Deluxe Experimental Badge; *Drafting
Neko Waist-Up Badge; *Gaining details!
dragoonair Full Character Pin-Up; *Gaining details!
+Traditional Bust-Up; *Gaining details!
Artemis 2 Character Digi Colour Full Body; *Drafting
Zachary Jaggard Scraf Ref; *Gaining details!
sabremccullough Wc Special; *Drafting
jesad Full Body Sketch; *Drafting
d-aiku Bust Sketch; *Drafting
haskil Waist-Up Digial Ink; *Drafting
Braddeh Bust Badge; *Gaining details!
Glaz Rectangle Badge; *Gaining details!
Vernay 2 Panel Comic Short; *Drafting
Rita Character Sketch; *Gaining details!
ashtalon Digital Half Character; *Drafting
Kiro Bookie Doodlie; *Drafting
Rex Amillion Digital Bust; *Gaining details!
Navile Traditional Bust Colour; *Drafting

Pending details/payments;
SinuousOrchid Gummie Deluxe Badge; *Awaiting response!
Sam, Simple Ref Sheet; *Awaiting response!
Takato, RPG Badge; *Awaiting response!
Copper49 Bust Badge; *Awaiting response!
Kaelan Bust Badge *Pending Order/payment
Mewtwo Deluxe Badge *Pending Order/payment
YH Telegram Sticker Pack *Pending Order/payment


:bulletred:THERE IS ALSO A RATHER LARGE STACK OF COMPLETED COMMISSIONS from conventions prior (some of them a years+ old now) which the contact-details are either broken or non-responsive!
-If this is you, or you think this might be you, drop me a note or email carnival.mailz[at] about getting that safely sent on out to you! Nod

MEET n GREET the chars~!

  • Listening to: "Haven't You Noticed (I'm A Star)" - Ste-U Remix
  • Reading: the Hero of Ages - Brandson Sanderson
  • Watching: MLP Seasons 6-UpToDate
  • Playing: They are Billions (Steam)
  • Eating: ..ABOUT TO BE KFR SPICEY NUGS!! 83 ohyissss
  • Drinking: Water


carnival's Profile Picture
Erika Vasos
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Melbourne Australia.. ((big city livin'!))

Favourite style of art: GO THA TRADITIONAL!!



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Thanks so much again ^^
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